The Laundry Girl, Sorting it all Out

Wear It, Work It! "Bee" Safe

In the past FR clothing has been bulky, itchy, hot, and hard to move in. Today FR garments are made to resemble everyday apparel in fit and comfort. No one wants to work in clothes that are not comfortable. We recently helped a customer that basically lives in FR clothing. The first problem that we brought to their attention is that they were wearing polyester clothing under their FR uniforms. Many people don't realize that their base layer is just as important as their exterior layer. In the case of an arc flash, there is a chance the force is powerful enough to break open all FR clothing. In this situation you would want to be wearing the appropriate base layer underneath. I've heard horror stories of people having to cut their polyester moisture wicking undershirts off of their body in this situation. There is something called the "chimney effect" where the under garment will catch fire underneath the FR clothing. The person can get severe burns to an expanded area of the body due to inappropriate under garments. Take the right step towards safety and comfort and start from the base up. Here are a few options to check out that are not only safe but also comfortable. Click here for More Information